NSI was set up to strengthen networks of researchers and institutions based in north India, in order to facilitate long-term research and biodiversity conservation programs. NSI grew out of a discussion group on ecology and conservation biology based in Dehradun, which primarily involved people working in the Western Himalayas as well as researchers working in other regions of India who were based in north India. With support and encouragement from people and institutions across India, we worked towards setting up a non-profit institution to support ecological research and strengthen institutional networks for ecological research and conservation programs in the north Indian region. NSI has successfully brought together a team of ecologists and conservationists, many with over a decade of field experience in India.
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Vision statement
  • Monitor and research ecology and biodiversity, with particular emphasis on the Western Himalayan region
  • Address biodiversity conservation issues identified from scientific research, using socially-equitable approaches
  • Promote awareness about ecology, biodiversity and conservation issues among citizens, government and non-governmental institutions

Operation & structure
NSI was registered as a non-profit Trust in 2012 in Uttarakhand state. NSI is administered by trustees who have brought in their extensive management experience into the institution. The trustees are assisted by a Director to structure and implement research and conservation activities. The research and conservation program teams work in units to to develop and implement research projects and to address conservation issues.
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